About us

Company WOODMIX Ltd. is registered in Bulgaria and is a partner and representative on the territory of the EU of a Russian woodworking plant.

Company WOODMIX Ltd. offers a wide range of products from pine, birch and larch for the construction, finishing of buildings and premises and the furniture industry.

We are also a partner of a number of woodworking companies, dealing with deep wood processing, from the collection oftimber to the production of high-quality products resulting from the use of state-of-the-art technology and equipment by leading manufacturers from Germany (Weinig), Italy (Primultini).

WOODMIX Ltd. - a company related to the correctness, reliability and product quality.

Our company delivers a wide range of wood products by special order of the customer, depending on their requirements and desires.

The products we offer include: H-20 wood beams (cross-beams), laminated birch plywood, birch plywood, larch-wood terrace boards, larch facade boards (plank), glued (wall) beams and other wood products.

All the products we offer to our customers are of constantly high quality and meet the requirements of European standards, thanks to the full control of all stages of production and the use of modern technologies in the production of high-quality dry wood.

We deliver the materials you ordered within the agreed delivery times, both in Bulgaria and other EU countries.

In order to quickly and efficiently execute your orders and timely delivery of materials, WOODMIX Ltd. has a stock with a constant quantity of the offered products.