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Why should we live in harmony with nature? Ecologically clean habitats, and indeed life, are not just a myth. It all starts with our deeds, our home, our inner world.

WOODMIX Ltd. offers you to find a world in which to live in harmony with nature because from ancient times people felt like part of the universe and enjoyed the wonderful characteristicsof the tree.

Do you want to feel comfortable in your home or office, see your projects, ideas and dreams come true? Choose the clean and eco-friendly life, contact us and take care of your harmony with nature.

Our company knows what kind of wood you need, what you need to revive your ideas and what it takes to care for a tree with love and attention. Thanks to WOODMIX Ltd. your dreams will be transformed. We will inspire life for your projects and will show you why wood is a material for connoisseurs of aesthetics. For those who want to live freely and in an environmentally friendly environment.

WOODMIX Ltd. is a reliable supplier of wooden products and building materials made of wood - one of the most environmentally friendly materials in the world. Our team will professionally consult you, answer your questions and also help you in choosing the necessary wooden products.

Our Products

Formwork beams H20

The wood beams H-20 are a major component of the formwork and greatly facilitate and accelerate the construction of monolithic concrete buildings and structures.


Plywood MR (interior)

The plywood from birch of the brand MR that we offer to our customers is made of environmentally friendly raw materials with modern German equipment.


Laminated birch plywood (EXTERIOR). Formwork plywood

high-quality plywood with increased water resistance, coated with a special film, impregnated with synthetic resins

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