Plywood MR (interior)

The plywood from birch of the brand MR that we offer to our customers is made of environmentally friendly raw materials with modern German equipment.

Thanks to the high-quality materials used, the modern technology, the high level of the technological equipment of the enterprises and the full control of all the stages of the production process, the birch plywood MR is of constantly high quality.

The fact that harmful phenolic resins are not used in the bonding of plywood MR helps its widespread use in areas where the ecological purity of the product is important.

Emission class of formaldehyde - E1.

The product offered by our company is plywood of general use, with outer and inner layers of birch plywood. Combined with its multilayer structure, the plywood MR has high physical and mechanical properties, which guarantees its exceptional strength.

These properties are highly valued in the furniture industry, in construction, it is used in wagon construction, shipbuilding, transport engineering, in the manufacture of packaging and in many other industries, where the strength of the material plays a crucial role.

Its high strength, lightweight, dimensional and parameter stability make it an optimal material for use in different types of construction work and formwork systems.

The material is moisture-resistant but it is not recommended for external finishing works.

Along with its excellent quality, the birch plywood has warm shades and a beautiful wood structure, making it popular for interiors, decoration of premises and various design projects.

The excellent surface quality is a key criterion for choosing this material in furniture manufacturing. The MR plywood is easy to process and perfectly combines with other finishing materials.

The MR plywood is used for rough flooring and as a base under parquet and laminate.

Company WOODMIX Ltd offers to its customers a birch plywood, produced in accordance with the Russian State Standard GOST 3919.1-96.

Advantages of birch plywood MR:

  • 100% birch veneer
  • Increased strength and unique ability to withstand heavy loads
  • Resistance to temperature changes (-40 to +50)
  • Moisture resistance
  • High surface quality
  • Exceptional strength and durability
  • Quick installation and easy handling
  • Increased turnover (number of cycles of use)


Format, mm 1525 x 1525
Thickness, mm 3 - 25
Permissible deviation in length (width) +/- 1.0 mm
Plywood Class C / C
Number of layers from 3 to 16, depending on the thickness
Surface quality sanded (S2S), non-sanded (NS)
Emission class of formaldehyde E 1
Moisture content 12 - 14%
Density kg/m3 640 – 700