Laminated birch plywood (EXTERIOR). Formwork plywood

Hydrophobic laminated plywood - high-quality plywood with increased water resistance, coated with a special film, impregnated with synthetic resins.

As a result of the pressing, a monolithic glossy or matte finish is created which does not require any further processing.

The plywood itself is a board made of glued veneerslabs. The veneer slabs are glued using phenol-formaldehyde-based resins, allowing the WBP  plywood to withstand water. In order to ensure even greater water resistance and strength of the hydrophobic plywood, a special laminating film is applied.

The quality of the hydrophobic plywood depends on the starting material, so Russia holds a leading position among the countries where it is produced. Russian birch raw materials significantly outperform Finnish and Chinese timber, which are also present on the market.

The formwork systems are of particular importance for the quality of the constructed structures in connection with the development of monolithic construction. They include a metal frame, H20 beam and laminated plywood.

The popularity of hydrophobic plywood is explained by its mechanical properties: thanks to its high strength and elasticity, birch plywood alone is able to withstand the load of the formwork during concreting.

Its laminated surface prevents the penetration of moisture, has high resistance to temperature changes, wear, impact, moisture, chemicals, moulds and fungi. The ends of the laminated plywood are painted with water-resistant acrylic paint that protects the plywood from swelling and deformation in case of moisture (rain, water, emerging during concreting).

All these properties allow it to retain its shape formuch longer.  The quality of the monolithic coatings will remain unchanged while repeatedly using the same plywood sheet (at least 50 cycles).

Laminated hydrophobic plywood is widely used for the production of barriers in transport engineering, as well as in carriage-building and shipbuilding, for exterior finishing, the building of walls, ceilings, columns, bridges and tunnels.



  • 100% birch veneer
  • Exceptional stoutness
  • Wear-resistant
  • Increased resistance to moisture
  • Resistance to temperature changes from -40 to +50
  • Suitable for outdoor work - Exterior
  • Solid surface
  • Multiple applications
  • Lightweight
  • Aesthetics
  • Does not require special storage conditions, is easy to transport and store




Dimensions (LxW), mm



Thickness, mm


Type of film surface

smooth/smooth (F/F)

Edge processing

Water-based acrylic-based paint

Basis under the laminate

Birch plywood Exterior ( glue WBP )

Emission class of formaldehyde


Density, kg / m3


Humidity, %

12 – 14 %